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A fascinating world

For the dance lesson this week too, thank you very much!

It was a productive lesson, and we tried to do the basics firmly.

It was also fun to divide the moves into groups and think about each composition a little bit.

Speaking of that, I arrived in Shibuya earlier than the entry time (of the dance lesson), so I went to the fermentation exhibition at Shibuya Hikarie. I have been thinking to go but giving up due to my busy schedule. It was good that I made it the last minute!

Fungus or Bacteria lives in the air, on the soil, on our bodies, on the surface, and everywhere.

There are good, bad and neither good nor bad (opportunistic) fungus/bacteria for humans, and they are well balanced. It’s amazing, isn’t it? Because they coexist nicely, there are many things to learn from the world of fungus or bacteria. Taking advantage of the work of such fungus/bacteria, incorporating it into the food and making a unique culture in various places, it’s so unique that it is an interesting world to know. Fermentation is a useful degradation for humans. Those that are not fermented will be rotten. But some food products emit a strong smell which makes you feel “this must be rotten…..”. To our ancestors who thought “let’s try eat this” with inquiring mind, my respect is beyond the limit, and it is beyond my understanding. That’s why people have been fascinated by the world of fungus/bacteria weaving, isn’t it?

And then, we are now on a business trip abroad for some shootings.

I will bring forth, I will bring forth.


Hayato Uchiyama


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