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Weekly Report Feb 6 - 20

It has been quiet around WORLD ORDER during the past 2 Weeks.

Here are some of the Member's latest adventures 😃

Takuro San was making some Photo-Sessions which resulted in very cool Pics ! 😍

More, in his Instagram!

And Shizu San was participating in a Dance-Battle! 🤩

Remember ! Both Takuro San & Shizu San are still giving DANCE LESSONS ! 🕺🏼💃🏼

If you're travelling to Japan and would like to TRY, take a look at our Event section for Details.

Questions? Feel free to contact us through our Contact Box.

Yusuke San has started a Blog, in which he speaks about his Experiences as Manager of his Chocolate Brand D'renty Chocolate

Access Yusuke San's Blog HERE.

(Remember there's a whole-page translation available when opening with Google-Chrome)

Don't forget to follow & support. 👍🏼

And Ucchy San keeps Updating his BLOG regularly too!

Read his very interesting thoughts about the road to self-sufficiency and Life in the Countryside, Follow & Support !

And please FOLLOW all Members in Social Media !

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