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Busy week!

Good morning, hello, good evening, everyone.

I have been very busy recently!

It was a month of FES (festivals).

I was a dancer for LOL, met Monkey Majik who I used to dance for, and had some fun memories apart from the stage! (Chimera Game festival)

And, I was a dancer for Yoko Takahashi (best known for performing “A Cruel Angel’s Thesis”, the opening theme song of the anime series Neon Genesis Evangelion). This was also an outdoor festival.

And, there was a broadcast on TV.

And, I have been standing on stage for the first time as a solo singer.

Although it is a different side from the time as WORLD ORDER, I kept myself as myself.

Even when I am as WORLD ORDER, I am undeniably myself.

It’s extremely fun to think how to blend in and how to express myself.

Although it was a weekday and not everyone made it, I was so happy that the members also came.

It was actually a pressure to be seen by the members. But when I was on the stage, I was able to enjoy it without thinking about anything.

It became a stage where I can spare a wave, learned from Doru, towards the members. LOL

As an artist, I want to grow a lot this year, so I will do my best from now on!

Also, I came out as a dancer in the Oedo Hawaii Festival, and I got a feel of Hawaii.

It was busy day after day, but I can’t stop yet!!

Well, a point where I can pause for a while and focus on WORLD ORDER!!!

From now on, I will go full throttle!

I am working on new things!

I am looking forward to it!


Takuro Kakefuda


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