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Changing seasons

Although it is rainy season, it does not rain much in Tokyo.

If you get on the train, you need the protection against cold, as the air conditioning is already running heavily. It is a busy season, hot or cold, humid or dry, the condition keeps changing.

There are not many shops selling my favorite noodles (TN: Kaneko Seimen, making noodles with domestic wheat, clean salt from deep sea water and electrolyzed water for cooking), so I bought them directly from the maker. From now on, I don’t have to worry about it no matter where I move.

I am relieved; peace of mind.

This is the book for this week. (TN: “And, the baton was handed over” by Ms. Maiko Seo )

It is a very good book and is also selected as Grand Prize by 2019 Japan Booksellers’ Award.

Ms. Seo’s words make it very easy to dive into the story. Of course, the storyline is an important element of the novel. But with just slightly different choice of words, the result can be totally opposite: hard to get in (not get into the story at all) or hard to get out of it (totally absorbed in the story).

I like Ms. Seo.

Thanks to that, I had a good time.


Hayato Uchiyama


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