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Closer to the goal

Recently, I was taken care by the police. Don’t get me wrong, I didn’t violate the law!

I’m moving forward to possess a hunting gun, which is by no means normal in Japan.

I was in the middle of the process and applied for the beginner’s practical skill course (though I am not sure if I will get accepted.)

It’s easy to take 2 hours explaining why I want to try hunting to the police and filling out the official papers. The official papers include questions such as if you have any previous criminal record, any car traffic violation history, as well others such as your annual income. And in order to investigate if I am a person safe to own a gun, I also need to provide the contact info of my family, friends and colleagues, as a reference.

In the column of colleagues…..I wrote Yusuke Morisawa and Akihiro Takahashi 💧

Later, the police came to my home, originally to visit and interview my neighbours. However, there is no one living directly next to, above or below me. And for those who are living in completely different floor, the interaction is not much except for greetings. So, at the end, it seems the police didn’t conduct any interview in my neighbourhood.

My application process took a little bit longer, but in a little over a month, I was finally given the permission to take a practical training course. The process flow is like, if I pass my practical skills safely, in roughly 3 months inspection period, I will obtain the permission to possess a hunting gun.

At first, I was hesitated to go to the police station or to call them, but now there is no hesitation at all. As part of the application, a doctor’s medical certificate is required. When I go to the psychiatric department, an enthusiastic doctor explains the mechanism of psychiatric disorder in details, and I am already given a valuable experience.

It takes a lot of money for each application and training course, and the inspection period is long, however conversely, the police officer in charge of my case spend a great extent of time just on me. I think I should salute in admiration.

I got a CD of Humbert Humbert, which also includes live sound sources and talks. It is an amazing CD. Good voice and good songs. It also gets a good sense choosing the words in the lyrics. The Talk part is funny.

This is my favorite pickled daikon radish or “Takuan”. Very sour one. Other types of Takuan are basically unsatisfied. This is the only one I will buy.

By the way, there was such an article:

It is about a research unraveling the relationship in between touching the soil and stress. It is better for human being to touch the soil more.

(TN: The research indicates some bacteria which inhabit in the soil have properties such as anti-inflammatory, immune-modulation and stress tolerance. It has been suggested that one of the causes of allergies and mental health problems is the fact that we have been away from living in mud and soil.)

And then, There is another article like this too:

It is about fully organic and pesticide-free “school meals”. This is really a big step forward. For children, school lunch should be pesticide-free, and if it is implemented, pesticide-free farmers will increase.

I hope the school lunch will go completely pesticide-free throughout entire country. And then, the era of pesticide-free will eventually come.


Hayato Uchiyama


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