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Doru's Dance Service

Speaking of summer, it is hot and hot anyway!

Well, speaking of hot, I would say it is the dance battle.

Everyone, have you seen my dance battle yet?

Even if you search YouTube by “$”, my dancer name, the dollar mark will be treated as blank and nothing about me will come out.

So, I will introduce a site where all videos on my YouTube are organized.

Though not all, but there are quite a lot of videos on battles, battle judge moves, solo shows and etc. Please check them out 🔥

Because it is from quite a long time ago, it’s embarrassing that you will be able to see the Doru not good enough, or the Doru with strange hairstyle or fashion.

It is my “service” ♡


Kimura Keisuke


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Translated by: Ani (using online ressources)



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