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WORLD ORDER celebrates its 10th Anniversary!

If you could send them a congratulation Message for this special Occasion,

what would you tell them?

⭐️ 日本語 ⭐️

Dear Fellow Fans

For this Special occasion, we'd like to bring WORLD ORDER

the Congratulation Messages from ALL Fans (Japan OR Overseas),

to the Anniversary LIVE Shows in Tokyo, on December 20th & 21st. 2019.

What was your most touching WORLD ORDER Memory from the past 10 years?

What would you like to wish the Members for the Future?

Whatever you'd like to tell them, here’s your chance!

Conditions of Participation

  • You can choose if your Message should be delivered as part of the Fan Book OR as Letter.

  • Depending on your choice, messages will be printed in Color and placed in an Envelope, or compiled in the Fan Book. (*If Participation is low, ALL Messages will be delivered as LETTERS*)

  • Send Message as Text or Picture (pdf, or Word). (*Please Avoid sending "Text-Only" Messages. The Members specially LOVE to see happy Fan Faces!* )

  • Text in English or Japanese.

  • Messages must Fit on a A4 Paper Sheet. (Both sides of the Sheet can be used).

  • Just ONE Message / Sheet per Person.

  • Only for Fans who cannot attend the Event and deliver their Messages personally. (*Japanese Fans are also welcome to participate!*)

Send your Message to this Address:

(Subject: FAN BOOK 2019)

Please include

Name and Country

Your Choice of delivery (Fan Book OR Letter)


SUNDAY December 1st. 2019, 23:59 h CET


  • This Platform is meant to deliver Support, NOT Political Messages or Critic to the Group. You can express your Opinion but we ask to remain Polite. Messages containing offensive Language or Political Discussions / Statements, won’t be delivered.

  • We will NOT interview the Group, and won't be able to Deliver the Messages personally. Like last year, we'll deposit them in the Present Box usually placed in the Venue.

  • Please be sure that, although not being able to film their reactions, the Fan Messages have always been very encouraging and HIGHLY APPRECIATED by the Members.

The more entries the better! Don’t hesitate to send our Boys your Love!

Questions? Are Welcome at the above Email Address!

Thank you very much for your support!


Ani J

(Website Admin.)



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