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Happy Father's day

Good evening!

It is Doru, and I have left my beard untouched lately.

Well, today is Father’s Day, so a story of my Pappy (father).

My father was in an unforeseen accident just after I was born…..

The story I want to tell is not about what happened, and he is doing well and still working right now.

The story I meant to tell is that he works too hard. (Aren’t you human? It is the kind of level that I doubt. LOL)

Though, I can’t easily act such as an iron man like my father, nevertheless, I can feel my father’s DNA in me when I face dance and other things. This is what I think.

I am in the world of entertainment which won’t go straight forward, however I believe in my own sensibility because I learned from and grew up watching my father. I will continue to work hard from now on to become a wonderful artist.

I’m glad of the great existence of my father who makes me feel such things!

From now on, I will be doing and working well, with this enormous $ heritage $!

Just kidding LOL


Kimura Keisuke


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