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Heat, Mosquitoes & Ghosts

Good morning in Many, many Languages.

Good Morning!

Monday Riddle!

What's the gender in between 1 and 4 ?


(Day 203 of 2019)

The start of a new week, Monday starts from cloudy skies...

Today, preparing something for the next song, with three members...

But… I forgot my wallet (;(○;゚∇゚)” Gosh!

I still have my watermelon (TN: Pronounced Suica) and some change, so it’s good.

Oops, It’s not a watermelon, but a Suica (Card)…

Since yesterday they're at my parents' house, Manmaru & Ocho (Aki San’s Brother Pet Cats).

Ocho is afraid in unknown places and is not coming out at all.


(Day 204 of 2019)

Today as well, I was worried about the cats, and they were still shy when I secretly went to my parents' house,

Ocho, was scared but timidly came out of his Cage to me… ((*´▽`))

After a while, he was happily rolling over, or fighting when he was frustrated,

and we were playing together…

Nice… forgetting time…

Damp, humid and rainy Tuesday, as a perfect Bye-Bye of this day with Ocho & Manmaru, at the end, Ocho came out again to me…

Until next time.


(Day 205 of 2019)

Today, to Rehearsal... The light blue sky peeks through the clouds,

It seems is going to be hot today too...

Most Damp and humid, would be nice if not for… at least 90% Humidity (; ´Α`)

Yeah… that’s the connection… that’s the connection !

What the…? Fight !


(Day 206 of 2019)

Today is a hot summer Thursday, before knowing it, surpassed the 30° C ...

And it’s already summer vacation…

Every year in summer, there are always scary shows...

When I was younger, I went for a drive with 2 of my friends; We took a picture in front of a certain lighthouse… Then... All three of us could be seen through, transparent…

After that, the photos were exposed to the light and all the faces were off...

When I first saw it… “It’s a ghost Photo!” I thought…

It has to do with the light, isn’t it?

Furthermore, something similar happened once before, when I took a photo at the tunnel entrance near Lake Motosu...

Do you believe in ghosts, everyone? I do.

Can’t be seen, though it would be nice if they would appear without a sense of fear…

By the way, I also had once in my life the feeling of being paralyzed (while sleeping by the Kotatsu), probably muscle-related.


(Day 207 of 2019)

Hooooottttt ( ´Α`;)\”

It ’s such a hot weather Friday,

Today, the blue sky has the color of summer...

Have a peaceful weekend everyone...

Kids! Do your best with your homework!


(Day 208 of 2019)

The base of my big toes, on both feet are protruding,

The side of my feet and surrounding area, was stung by a lot of mosquitoes...

Although I didn't wear short pants, they came through the Gap of the Sandals…  ̄|○| ̄

Super- super- super- super- super itchyyyyy...

And very red…

An unparalleled proliferation! A lot of mosquitoes this year….

Last year they didn't come out, but this year...

Defeated by the Mosquitoes!

A Typhoon is approaching Kanto...


(Day 209 of 2019)

Thank you for your work this week everyone.

I woke up this morning due to earthquake and rain, then the sun came out.

It was a hot Sunday.

Hot days this week... Are you all OK?

Although losing to the heat, I hope it was a cool week in your hearts…

Thank you for your work this week.

※ Riddle Hint: G3 (pronounced as "G san") = Grandfater (pronounced as "ji san", then 23 =

The beginning of a new week.

May everyone’s new week remain steady,

And every day and hour,

be spent in warm and gentle feelings.

The wind has blown

It’s Okay. It’s all good.

Let’s live!!

【May a gentle wind, blow into the hearts of the Children, in the future, throughout the world…】

※Riddle Answer: Male

23 (pronounced as "ni san") = brother (pronounced as "ni san") = male......

Aunt who looks like Uncle = Aunt

Akihiro Takahashi = Grandfather (or Old Man) ...

Going to the river for laundry = Grandmother (or Old Woman)

Flowing = dreams and hope

Hey! I wonder if these are correct answers in a sense?....(゜δ゜ ●)”

To a new week,

losing to the heat, in warm feelings,

Have a good day.

高橋 昭博

Akihiro Takahashi


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Translated by: Ani (Using Online resources)

and Flo C (Thanks a lot!)




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