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Holiday Greetings

We celebrate the 6th anniversary of the creation of the Fan Site.

And, It’s been a year since WORLD ORDER performed LIVE for the last time, as they celebrated their 10th Anniversary.

Since that day, the Group has remained inactive.

The last Announcement in their Official Website, said they were “having a break due to the pandemic, but working on getting new Shows”, and that they were changing their operating way, not having anymore “Fix” Members, but only “On call” . (Original Announcement)

At the same time, there had been radical changes since a while, like the deletion of their Instagram Account, their latest Official Music Video and their Management’s Company Website.

Two Members left the group lately, the remaining ones are having other full-time activities, and Genki Sudo, their former leader, is now a Politician and Member of the Japanese Parliament.

And, although the Pandemic Situation has not been bad in Japan lately (Gigs and Concerts are taking place), the Group remains silent and seems to have stopped all activities whatsoever.

So the truth is, we fans don’t know if the Group is still “alive”, if it’s already disbanded, or if there’s still a Management Company to make any announcements at all.

Having dedicated all these years building and maintaining the Fan Site in order to promote the Group, this has been, of course, a disappointment.

But everything is in Motion, nothing is forever and all things must pass…

So, according to the circumstances, the Fan Site will not have any more a Promotion function, and will only be maintained as a Reference/ Information Source about the Group in English Language.

I’ve already closed our Pinterest account, and I might close some other Social Networks (most likely Facebook) too.

Is difficult for me to keep the faith in WORLD ORDER returning at some point, and if that should be the case, I don’t think I’d have the Energy and Time to support them in the same way.

So, I’d rather look back at all the good Memories and Friendships I won through WORLD ORDER along the way, and cherish them forever in my heart.

So with that said, I’d like to thank from the bottom of my heart, all the fellow Fans who followed the Fan Site and helped with their support until now.

I wish each and every one of you, a very happy and healthy Holiday season.

We are all one.

Ani J

Fan Site admin.



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