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Kiyoyuki Sakiyama - 崎山 清之

a.k.a. Kikky

Born December 16th 1977

Founder Member of WORLD ORDER.

Member from 2009 to 2011

A Dancer with a compactly trained body.

He was a national recognized Karate fighter since High School.

When he was enrolled in WORLD ORDER, he wear his hair in order to create the image of an Office employee, but in fact he had never worn a tie until he joined.

With extraordinary Dance abilities, he seems to bend in strange directions and defeat gravity.


⭐️ Participation in the Project 'Black Belt' together with Former Members Masato Ochiai & Ryo Noguchi

Diverse activities as Dancer in Japan and Overseas.


YouTube Playlist

(from Fan Account "World Order Bot")

Pic Credit: Twitter

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