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Mental recovery

Good evening!

Thank you everyone who participated in the dance meeting today!

Because of my body stiffness, so as not to be exposed, I played truant from stretching during the Adult lesson today LOL.

Well, before the dance meeting took place, a small incident happened in the waiting room.

The latest model of iPhone which I just bought, dropped to the floor, and the screen cracked.

Although it just fell from the top of the chair which is not so high, it was quite broken instantly.

I was so shocked. 😭

However, by the end of the dance lessons, we were so impressed by the adults who boldly took challenges on the difficult (even to us) technique, and the body form of rapidly growing kids.

My heart has been engulfed by positive but incomprehensible feelings such as “It was good that it’s my iPhone which got broken, but not the Earth.”, and I am currently working on mental recovery.

This is all, thanks to you all.

I am really thankful for your support!

I am not sure what I am saying now, so I shall go to bed soon.

Have a good night.


Kimura Keisuke


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