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Nice encounters

I use Patagonia’s products habitually, because I share the same way of thinking as Patagonia. All the cotton they use is organic cotton, and hemp is also used as a fabric, which can purify the earth just by growing.

Patagonia actively makes efforts to reduce the environmental impact of its manufactured goods and collect its products and make them into recycled wear. With its overwhelmingly different sense, the message it sends is also good.

The other day, my favorite bag was worn out. Though it was good to fix it by myself, I put it out for repair because it needs quite a lot of work. Until it is back to me, it will be off duty for a while.

A few days ago, when I went to a local activity in the area before I moved, I was asked if I am interested in listening to the story about “No-till Farming” ♪……..I decided to participate. Then, Patagonia people came, and I also met Mr. Takayuki Sakurai, the president of Patagonia in Japan. In a very local place, there were good conversation and good encounter.

It’s a bit odd that I have various circumstances in such a coincidence like this.


Hayato Uchiyama


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