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Peace and Energy

It’s a little bit late to tell you, but I applied for the ticket to watch Tokyo Olympics and won it.

I applied for the ticket to watch the final game of my target competition, and the preliminary game as my 2nd choice. And I won the ticket to watch the final.

I would be happy if it won’t conflict with the work schedule.

Though ordinary spider webs are amazing, sometimes there is also a spider that makes this shape of web (as in the above photo). I want to know how it came up with that shape.

This is the book of this week (TN: “My Home’s Electricity” by Tender / Yohoho Institute -- Electricity is not something that is connected to an electrical outlet, but someone makes it and delivers it to the house. A book that teaches such a natural thing in a way of “making it yourself”.).

It looks like a lecture book about how you can create a small solar power generation system yourself. It was written in an easy-to-understand manner so that even kids can understand and use it, and it was interesting.

“Think of peace, when you come to energy.”

This may be a small but peaceful activity to be made with your own hands.

Subject changes. There is a corner called “First General Lab” in the Morning Show (TV Asahi) held every Thursday after 9:00 am, among the TV shows that I have carefully selected to watch. It features special editions which press on and solve problems to be worried, ranging from disaster prevention to self-sufficiency. It was always interesting, but the episode last week was particularly good again.


Hayato Uchiyama


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