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I highly recommend Sky Tree, rather than Tokyo Tower.

Thanks, it’s $! (Doru)

Well, there was a dance meeting today as well. Do you remember that my iPhone screen was broken artistically last time? (By the way, I haven’t sent it to repair yet…..)

This time, taking advantage of the previous lesson learned, the iPhone was safe because I paid close attention. But, the waist of Doru’s body hurts this time. It is because my hard (tense) body can’t handle Ucchy-san’s choreography LOL. I have always felt that body flexibility is necessary for the future, but I continue to run away from stretching as usual, just like the repair of my iPhone is delayed. It seems I am the type of person who always delays to deal with his own troubles (´・_・` ).

Therefore, a word to little kids in entire country who put off their homework of summer vacation,

“it is going to be all right surprisingly”.


Kimura Keisuke


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