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Rain and the 1001... nuts

Good morning in Many, many Languages.

Good Morning!

(/´△`\●)”… Cuute… ↓

Monday Riddle!

Question: What kind of yarn (pronounced as "Ito") comes out of "Energy"?


(Day 154 of 2019)

Calm and cheerful start of the Monday,

not too hot and not too humid,

Today as well, rehearsal…

Afterwards, I went to the office for a meeting.

Everyone, are you tired from yesterday?

From today on, this week too, Fight!


(Day 155 of 2019)

Today, to a work meeting in Roppongi

Today it’s a hot and humid Tuesday…

it starts again… The nice Summertime,

of sweating from merely existing…

(´д`●|||)” pheeew


(Day 156 of 2019)

A video of the performance of the high school students in Iwate the other day, was taken. And I could see the data.

Although it's a 1/4 short story, I thought it would be difficult in two days...

But the video of the teenagers acting, who knew neither the lines, nor the Topic I had written… was very interesting.

It seems that high school students from Ibaraki Prefecture will play next time!

Do your best, Kids!


(Day 157 of 2019)

In today's news, the rainy soon shall start very soon; I'd thought about starting cycling slowly, but with the rainy season…

Yusuke’s new Chocolate

(゜δ゜○)~● Delicious!

Nuts with a Taste of Maple spreading in the Mouth?

The White chocolate coating goes also well with Alcohol...

I’d like to eat 10001 for now!!


(Day 158 of 2019)

Rain forecast cloudy sky friday... Humidity is rising...

It rains when departing... humidity is stuffy…

Well then, today as well, off to rehearsal…

And Tokyo seems to have entered the rainy season...

A warm weekend everyone


(Day 159 of 2019)

Today is a Saturday with cloudy sky, sun, then clouds, clouds and more clouds…

Rainy season, it will be daily rain, rain, rain from now on…

But, isn't it good to have rain on your day off, everyone?