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The hot and humid days continue.

In such times… Sauna!

Well, the sauna I visited this time, the “New Wing

In Kinshichô is one of the saunas that I often go to these days.

The Bona (Bonatherm) sauna here is good, because of the high humidity.

(Bona sauna, is a sauna which has a stove under the sitting place in the sauna room).

These days, the sauna room setting is often thought to be low at 80°, but because of the high humidity, you're sweating immediately.

I can sweat a lot without any difficulty.

And regarding the water pool, although it has place for about 15 people,

it is pretty and the water does not smell like chlorine.

And is moreover, it’s about 15 to 16 degrees.

This Bona sauna and water bath are already perfect, but there is also another sauna.

There is unlimited self-service in this sauna, you can customize it, to your liking.

There are a lot of tricks for sauna lovers, so it's always great. (Male only)

And you can also use as many sauna mats and towels as you please.

And that’s what I was most interested in.

There is an ashtray in the private toilet.

I wonder who would like to smoke during the toilet?

I let 2 out.


And then

I got my hair cut.



(Ryuta Tomita



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