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Flower-Power for the Members!

Dear Fans from all the World

We’re all looking forward to WORLD ORDER’s 10th Anniversary Show 'PRISM',

and for this special Occasion, our friend Piyomaru San

(from the WO in Osaka 2019 Organisation Committee),

has started a Project to send Flowers to the Members!


-A Flower arrangement will be ordered for the Members and will be Placed at the Venue.

-The Arrangement Design and Size, will be decided depending of the Number of participants.

-The Costs will be equally divided among all participants. We estimate it to remain between 1000 and 2000 Y per person.

-If the participation is high, a 2nd arrangement will be bought, to be placed in the Members dressing room.

-A Card with the Names of all participants will be joint to the Flowers.

Conditions of participation

Send us an Email to:

Subject: Flower Project

Please include:

  • Name and Social Media Account / User-name ( Please specify which one you want to be written in the Card! )

  • Country

  • Paypal E-mail (Payment Via Paypal Only!)

When the Final costs are set, you’ll receive an invoice with the amount to pay.


Thursday October 31st. 2019

Would you like to Join us?

Help us fill the Venue with Flowers for the Members!

Thank you so much for participating!

Ani J

(Website Admin.)



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