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Sending off a good wind

Good morning in Many, many Languages.

Good Morning!

Monday Riddle!

Hope you will get a smile like a child!

Question: "Bu Bu Bu Bu Bu Bu -Ri" is Broccoli, then what is "Blue Blue Blue"?


(Day 147 of 2019)

Starting the Monday with scorching hot, sunny summer weather,

Today, off to rehearsal...

not losing to the heat, Fight.


(Day 148 of 2019)

A sky full of clouds, this Tuesday morning,

The sound of helicopters flying continuously

And, the breaking news about Kawasaki Noborito are too cruel...

A terrible incident that happened at a place

I knew well...

Somehow, adults wanting to hurt young children… is not a thing to talk about in the Diary… I’m sorry.

Those who were hurt, I wish the Hearts of the children will be able to recover a little…

I pray for their recovery.

Today, I felt so bad all day long ...

May rotten people all over the world, not take away the precious future...

May the world become a friendly place for people.


(Day 149 of 2019)

Cloudy sky this morning, I feel it has

cleared up since yesterday,

but in the morning I watched a TV Show

I recorded on NHK that featured Doru's brother.

Sending off… it was wonderful.

(TN: 'Sending off' refers to the encoffining Ritual for the deceased, as shown in the Film 'Departures' )

At the morning bus stop, I suddenly remembered yesterday... It became painful. How to prevent such situations, I wonder…

Today, again to rehearsals...

I shall keep sending off a warm wind, in any possible form…


(Day 150 of 2019)

Simply immersed, rattling over the PC… Thursday…


(Day 151 of 2019)

Natsu has passed… Ahh, that’s what the NHK ‘Asa-dora’ (TN: morning soap-opera) says…

It’s cloudy today, off to rehearsal…

On the way back, to the office for a work meeting…

Today too, as every day, fight!

Have a calm day ...


(Day 152 of 2019)

I finished writing the work which I started before going to Cebu, and which I had been writing in the vacant time since then...

The longest script, which has taken the longest to write until now…

The number of pages is too many to say exactly...

If this Script is done…

How long stage-time would that make…?

Why did you write such a long story...?

It’s a Mystery...

And... The next piece begins...

The end is the beginning at the same time…

It never ends (LOL)

And, I wonder if the high school students in Iwate are now playing their roles...

Ibaraki seems to be the next...

I made a mistake ...

Do your best youngsters, and have a warm time... !!


(Day 153 of 2019)


Today too, it turned out to be a warm time,

I think.

The Lesson for adults though,

for that we conducted it aiming a rather advanced level, I’m sorry!

Thank you so much for your efforts and for hanging on…

If you watch the review video, the hard skills can be conveyed, I think …

But whether you can do it or not, please try the challenge on your own!

Please, heal your mind head and body gently...

Reconsidering, this time it was a bit too difficult...

Until now, it was the most difficult for us too.

Also for, is not easy to do it on the spot in a day... so please be reassured!

Even if you cannot do it on the spot, please review and practice, and it will become natural!

I think, the pleasure of being able to do it later on, is also the best part of the LESSON.

Please try the challenge the review videos! Thank you very much.

※ Riddle Hint: Superstar

Everyone, this week too, thank you for your good work.

It’s the start of a new week…

May the days and hours of everyone’s new week,

Be spent in kind and gentle feelings,

May you have a warm week…

A gentle wind has blown

Let’s live…

It’s Okay. It’s all good. It’s Okay. It’s all good.

【May a gentle wind, blow into the hearts of the Children, in the future, throughout the world…】

※Riddle Answer:

Bruce Lee

(TN: 6 Times 'Bu' + Ri = Bu "Roku" (6) + Ri = (sounds like Broccoli

---> 3 times 'Blue' = "Blue-Three" (Sounds like Buru-suri" almost the same as "Bruce Lee" )

A-chaas- a-cha-achaa...ーチョチョチョチョチョ! \(゜δ゜ ●\)”)....... (TN: Bruce Lee's famous fighting sound )

To a new week,

To a warm future…

Have a good day.

高橋 昭博

Akihiro Takahashi


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Translated by: Ani (Using Online resources)

And Flo C (thanks a lot!)




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