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Strange dreams & painful books

Good morning in Many, many Languages.

Good Morning!

Talking about "Monday's Riddle", go find the UFO.....

Question: There is a UFO flying in one of this week's pictures.

Which day is it?


(Day 168 of 2019)

A clear and sunny Monday start,

it’s a hot but pleasant day...

Have a warm week…


(Day 169 of 2019)

In the morning, sunny and gradually cloudy…

A hot and humid Tuesday…

It seems, there was a big earthquake, late night in the Niigata Akita...

Please, take care!

May the calm times return…


(Day 170 of 2019)

Clear morning sky

On TV, the news of the earthquake; it seems to have been a big shake...

Hot Wednesday ... Please beware of the rain this rainy season...

We had rehearsal and Member meeting today,

Have a calm and warm time…


(Day 171 of 2019)

This morning, I woke up at 2:00 am

This morning? Night? ...

I sleep around 23 o'clock ...

When I wake up, it was two o'clock,

It's still night... Sleep! \(゜δ゜○;)

And then… A long day began...

The second half was a fight against sleepiness... (/´△`\)" Sleep!!!


(Day 172 of 2019)

I had a dream. It was all English...

The location was a foreign beach, across the street from a hotel…

I was replying with some words I came up with, in simple English...

A certain sea ... Boys playing around,

One of them is returning to the room by himself, and comes by where I am...

The other boys see him off.

I bring the boy to the room myself,

His Mom is sick and has laid down to sleep.

When I bring him to the room, his mother got up and thanked me for bringing him,

and I tell the boy that he is very popular with everyone...

The boy sits next to her Mom, smiling, and she smiles looking happy too…

The Mom tells me I’m handsome.

I say, "You are beautiful too..."

And then, "When are you going home?"

When they hear that the correct meaning was not transmitted, Mother and boy laugh while they say, "there is no such English!" A very big laugh.

Feeling embarrassed, and with my head in full rotation, I somehow managed to

let out an absurd word……

Are you waking up?

I wonder When, or what was the end.

The whole story in English ... I did understand!

What a dream! (LOL)

So… off to a meeting…


(Day 173 of 2019)

I heard, that the high school students in the Ibaraki prefecture last week, were playing while shedding tears….

Those were happy news.

It’s the Script based on the short story, which was cut shorter by the production director,

Even if there is only one-eighth of the whole story, the students were able to finish the work and were moved to tears when their lines came out their mouth, thanks to the director…

Because the book I'm writing now is too sick,

I thought I could read another piece on the train and feel a little healed...

It was hard... I was about to cry in the corner of the crowded train...

It was raining the whole day today ...

In the evening the clouds clear up, tomorrow, the JTB Lesson.

Everyone, let's all spend a warm time together again tomorrow.


(Day 174 of 2019)

JTB travel dance lesson.

Everyone, for always coming even from far away, really Thank you so much.

This time as well, a lesson with sweat and head in full rotation,

Thank you so much for the warm hours.

I'm looking forward to meeting you again next time.

And the 7 children were also able to achieve the goal of the chosen song!

Let's all do our best together as one!! Fight!

※ Riddle Super Big Hint: It is a drawing…

Everyone, Thank you for your work this week.

A new week begins…

May everyone’s new week

turn out gentle and calm,

and every day and hour,

be spent in warm feelings…

The wind has blown

It’s Okay. It’s all good.

Let’s live!! \(´∇`●)”

【May a gentle wind, blow into the hearts of the Children, in the future, throughout the world…】

※Riddle Answer: Wednesday

(It is above the pedestrian bridge in Wednesday's picture...... (゜δ゜ ●)”)

To a new week

In warm feelings...

Have a good day.

高橋 昭博

Akihiro Takahashi


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