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Takuro San Instagram Q & A

Q: What do you do when you feel uncomfortable whether you are at work or private?

A: Get in touch with happy people

Q: Do you have any plans for a new song soon (recording or live performance)?

I like Takuro San's voice.

A: So far not. 😭

I’d like to.


Q: What is “Dancing” for you?

A: Something happy, which I enjoy and allow me to entertain people too.

Q: I am not good at moving my body.

Is there a good way to practice and improving at Dance and Sword fighting?

A: Look at what you like, imitate anyway and move. Do.

Study yourself as much as you study other people.

Q: Is there a good method to get to like people you don't like? Please let me know.

A: I'd like to know that too!! LOL LOL

The method for not disliking someone, is just to do our best, I think.

Thank you for your work !

I quit that kind of things, because I’m tired of trying to be liked.