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October 2022

Dear Fellow Fans

After almost 8 years, and due to changes in my private Life (Death of a Family Member, New Job),

I won't be able to maintain this Fandom anymore.

This means that this will be the last regular Update, and the Newsletter will be cancelled.

I will try to keep the Members Profiles Updated, and post any News as they appear,

but for live Updates, I recommend to follow the Member's individual Social Networks.

Thank you very much, to all who subscribed the Newsletter and followed this Site until now.

Kind Regards


(Fansite Admin.)

WORLD ORDER Member & Ex-Member Activities

Genki Sudo

Continues his activities mainly as Politician and Member of the Parliament, engaging specially in agricultural safety, and environmental topics.

📸 Genki Sudo SNS


Hayato Uchiyama (a.k.a.) Ucchy

📸 Ucchy San FB

Celebrated is 42nd Birthday on September 22. Congratulations!

Is active as City Councilor of Sosa City (Chiba Prefecture) since last February,

communicates mostly through his Facebook account, and has a new Official Website


Yusuke Morisawa

📸 Yusuke Morisawa Instagram

Became Father for the second time. Congratuations!

Has been spending family time, and taking care of the diverse

Pop-Up shops of his Chocolate Brand.


Ryuta Tomita (a.k.a. Tomizo)

📸 Ryuta Tomita SNS/ Twitter account @ucchytea

Celebrated his 34th Brithday last June 26. Congratulations!

He will be doing a Dance Workshop in November,

and he keeps working in Hype little Restaurant 'Kumo ga Kure Harmonica'.


Keisuke Kimura (a.k.a. Doru)

Has graduated from Street & Contemporary Dance Group 'Lifull ALT-RYTHM'

He continues participating in diverse Dance Battles and posts regularly in Social Media

🔥Birthday next December 20th🔥


Kosuke Shizunaga (a.k.a. Shizu)

Celebrated his 28th Birthday last June 24th. Congratulations!

He was visiting Okinawa recently, and continues his work as Photographer and Videographer.

📸 Kosuke Shizunaga SNS/ Twitter account @ucchytea


Takuro Kakefuda

Was celebrating his 36th Birthday last August 5th. Congratulations!

He Post almost daily super cool Dance Videos in Instagram.

He's as well active as Videographer, Choreographer and Dance Instructor.


Akihiro Takahashi (a.k.a. Aki)

📸Akihiro Takahashi FB

Held an Live Event with Theater, Poetry and Music, with his Art Group 'HASHIGOTAKA' last August.

He continues posting his traditional daily Updates in Facebook

🔥Birthday next January 4th🔥


Takashi Jonishi (a.k.a. Joony)

📸 Takashi Jonishi SNS

Celebrated his 36th Birthday last August 13th. Congratulations!

He continues evolving and getting stronger, developing his unique Dance Style.

He offers exclusive content through paid Subscriptions in YouTube.


Masato Ochiai

Celebrated his 42nd Birthday with Genki San and other friends, last August 27th. Congratulations!

He continues his activity as Photographer and Dancer in diverse Projects.

He also offers Online Dance Courses through a paid Membership.


Ryo Noguchi

📸 Liful-ALT-RYTHM / Ryo Noguchi SNS

Continues his work ar artistic director of Street & Contemporary Dance Group 'Liful ALT-RYTHM',

among various projects, come of them with other Former WO Members.


Kiyoyuki Sakiyama (a.k.a. Kikky)

(📸 Instagram)

Was recently participating in a Dance Event by Performance Group PADMA.

He's active as Dancer in Japan and abroad, in Commercials and other Events,

like Paralympics opening Ceremony.




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