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To a New Phase

We celebrate the 7th anniversary of the creation of the Fan Site.

We live through a second year of Pandemics, and all of our Lives have changed.

Through Lock-downs and Distancing, most of us have learned to cherish what really matters and what’s really important in Life. We all have moved on to another Phase of our lives.

WORLD ORDER has been no exception. Their activities as group remain sparse, having released only one Video in 22 Months, and the Members and Ex-Members have moved on to other activities and Projects.

There has been no official announcement about a break-up or Hiatus, and we can only speculate that WORLD ORDER as group, will remain an ON-OFF Project.

For all these reasons, and having nothing really left to Promote, as announced last year, we will be closing our Instagram and Twitter accounts, and will concentrate in Real life, family and friends.

We will continue to support the Members & Ex-members privately, and we will try to keep this Fan Site and the Fan community Updated, through a Newsletter, which will be published every 3 Months.

We Thank from the Heart, to all the Fans who supported the Fan Site on Twitter & Instagram until now, and all the wonderful people we got to meet personally on this Journey.

Wishing you all, a peaceful Holiday season, full of Love and good Health.

Let's set off to the Next Phase!

Ani J

Fan Site admin.



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