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To Beijing and back

Good morning in Many, many Languages.

Good Morning!

Monday Riddle!

What is the biggest shadow on earth?


(Day 189 of 2019)

Everyone, are you having aching muscles from yesterday’s DANCE LESSON?

We are going to Beijing, China from today on... Flying to work!

Happy to be in China after a long time.

Living with warm feelings! Let's all do our best for the new week!

Fii-ii-ght !! \(゜Ο゜●)”


(Day 190 of 2019)

Today, we worked from the afternoon on.

Although it was a day of displacement...

at the end, we had a delicious reward...

However, the youngsters eat very well (LOL)

May it lead to tomorrow's power.

Tomorrow, on scene, we’ll sweat and give our all!


(Day 191 of 2019)

Well, today, off to work early in the morning! I wonder what kind of day will it be...

However, Beijing is as hot as Japan,

so… C’mon!! This old man can also loose to the heat, Fiiight!

It would be nice if today's video would reach Japan too...

To all the Beijing Staff, for your assistance

and the warm time, Thank you very much!

It was a really good experience for both senior and new members.

We’re all looking forward to the next opportunity to meeting you again! (。_。●)


(Day 192 of 2019)

Departure to Japan in the early morning Flight.

Our stay in Beijing went by in no time,

This time too, the time in Beijing turned out to be wonderful!

Thank you very much.

Looking forward to the next opportunity to come to China again!

Oh, in the China work, the name of Shizu's Mom in the Story Dialog, was the same as my Mom’s (LOL)

It was even the same Junko (゜δ゜●)”


(Day 193 of 2019)

Rain and Cloudy skies Friday...

I was lying on the sofa in the evening after

I came home yesterday, and was messing with my cell phone…

I feel asleep and woke up at 1:00 am.

Went to bed, slept till 6:00...

It's unusual to sleep that much ...

Oh, and I haven't eaten anything since the plane...

In order to, let’s say, recover, today I just ate what was inside the fridge...

My body aches...


(Day 194 of 2019)

The cast on this morning’s ‘Asadora’ was gorgeous...

It’s a cloudy sky Saturday today, I went out a little to finish diverse stuff…

I wonder if everyone is having three consecutive holidays...

May you have a peaceful 3-day weekend...