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Tomizo's traveller Journal

~Tomizo - a well-made trip~ Ueno Edition.

Outstanding cost performance ratio; the "Finland" in the Taito ward.

This time, I made a good use of such Scandinavian-type Sauna.

This is one of few saunas in Tokyo, that comes with open air baths.

The temperature of today’s sauna room is quite high at 108°. Though the humidity is low, it is not to the level of no moisture or very dry (dry as a bone).

The water bath was 15 degrees shown on the water temp gauge, but I think it really feels like 17.8 degrees?!

Since it was raining on this day, the rain would hit the skin during open air bathing. I wonder if it has a negative or some healing effect.

When the weather was fine, I was worried that it is highly probable pigeons would come to the open air space. But there was no habitat in rainy days. Maybe it was because of raining.

I took 4 sets of sauna -> water bath -> outside air bath, and I was all set.

The proof of good sauna, “Amami” also appeared.

“Amami” is a status when the skin’s capillaries are congested and become reddish.

There are very few saunas where I can get this “Amami” mark out.

The sauna costs 1,000 yen for 3 hours. What a good sauna for the cost performance.

By the way, this sauna is men’s only.

Its simple hair grooming set, mousse and gel are also highly scored.

Oh, I am well set.



(Ryuta Tomita



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Kindly Translated by: Flo C (Thanks a lot!)



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