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WORLD ORDER Member & Ex-Member Activities

WORLD ORDER Last known Activity: "Censorship", Released September 11th 2021

Genki Sudo

Continues his activities as Politician and Member of the Parliament, as well as making music from time to time, owning a Fish store and cooking!

He just passed his Exam as Cook.

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Hayato Uchiyama (a.k.a.) Ucchy

Lives in the countryside and continue his adventures in his Self-Suficient Life.

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Yusuke Morisawa

Focus on his own Chocolate Brand

and just launched the lastest creation:

The "Rare Cake"

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Ryuta Tomita (a.k.a. Tomizo)

Had a special appearance

in Joony San's las Live Show, and

collaborates in Hype little Restaurant

'Kumo ga Kure Harmonica'

An insider Tokyo Tip !

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Keisuke Kimura (a.k.a. Doru)

Is part of Street & Contemporary

Dance Group ' Lifull ALT-RYTHM',

directec by former Member Ryo Noguchi

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Kosuke Shizunaga (a.k.a. Shizu)

Continues his work

as Videographer and


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Takuro Kakefuda

Is active as Videographer, Choreographer,

Singer, Dancer and offers diverse Online activities

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Akihiro Takahashi (a.k.a. Aki)

Is active in his own Art Group 'HASHIGOTAKA'

and launches their Online Store.