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WORLD ORDER Member & Ex-Member Activities

WORLD ORDER's Classic "HAVE A NICE DAY" reached 40 M views on January 25th!!


Genki Sudo

Got recently his license as Cook, and show us his recipe for a Clam Chowder.

He continues his activities mainly as Politician and Member of the Parliament,

and makes music from time to time.

🔥Birthday next March 8th!🔥

For his Social Media accounts, go to

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Hayato Uchiyama (a.k.a.) Ucchy

Last Februar 4th, he was elected City Councillor in Sosa City, in the Chiba Prefecture.

During his campaign he was supported by no less- than Genki Sudo himself!

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Yusuke Morisawa

Had busy days with the diverse Pop-Up shops of his Chocolate Brand, during Valentine's Season.

But he still had time to give an Interview (use Chrome for whole Site translation),

and to appear as "Music selector" for a Radio Broadcast!

🔥Birthday next March 14th!🔥

For Social Media accounts, go to

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Ryuta Tomita (a.k.a. Tomizo)

Collaborates in Hype little Restaurant 'Kumo ga Kure Harmonica',

including spontaneous Dance Performances from time to time

An insider Tokyo Tip !

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Keisuke Kimura (a.k.a. Doru)

Was winner on another Dance Battle on January 19th!

He continues his work in Street & Contemporary Dance Group ' Lifull ALT-RYTHM'

(directed by former Member Ryo Noguchi).

They recently had a cool Project involving other WO Former Members! (See below, for more Info!)

And he's been making LIVE Streams on YouTube!

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Kosuke Shizunaga (a.k.a. Shizu)

Was working as Videographer and Photographer, in the Japan Open Poker Tour,

He still makes Portraits for other Members, like Yusuke San.

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Takuro Kakefuda

Although active as Videographer, Choreographer and singer, he's Dancer through and through!

He was recently invited for a Live-Stream on Doru San's Channel, entitled

'WORLD ORDER Alumni Reunion'

Maybe other Members to be invited soon? We stay tuned!

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Akihiro Takahashi (a.k.a. Aki)

Is active in his own Art Group 'HASHIGOTAKA', which has their own Online Store.

He also posts daily Updates about his Life, in Facebook

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Takashi Jonishi (a.k.a. Joony)