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Weekly Report January 16 - 23

January 19

The Event 'PEOPLE OF THE WALK' organized by Shinsuke Takahashi, which included Manga-Drawing courses, and the participation of Tomizo San was a success!

And Shizu San came to visit too! 😃

Next Event should take place next May.


January 19

Doru San was practicing some amazing Moves!

Watch more cool Videos in his IGTV or Instagram !

January 22

Takuro San changed his image... radically ! 😍😍

January 22

Ucchy San started a NEW BLOG!

He will be writing about his experiences living in the ountryside.

Be sure to Read, Follow and Support !

And BTW...

Yusuke San is getting ready for a Special Event next Saturday!

Check out our Event Section for Info about this, and other WORLD ORDER-related Events!

And, please don't forget to support and FOLLOW the Members in Social Media !

Aki / Ucchy / Tomizo / Shizu

Summarized by: Ani



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