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Weekly Report - January 9 - 15


On December 24th, Ucchy San thanked the Fans for the received FANBOOK via Twitter!!

"I go back to my daily life, read letters slowly, open presents, and immerse myself in the afterglow of the live performance.

I also received a message book from overseas fans.

The intersection with people I haven’t met, triggered by WORLD ORDER, and the feeling our thoughts being connected, is wonderful. Thank you as always.

Thank you so much Ucchy San! 😭😭 We're really sorry we didn't notice his post before.... 🙇‍♀️

January 9

Takuro San released a New Video as singer! 😍😍

WATCH whole Video, on his IGTV!

January 11

Yusuke San was again host of a City Tour in his Hometown, Kakegawa in the Shizuoka Prefecture.

The Event, supported by the City government, included many interesting activities, like visiting the Shiseido Museum, the City Hall, a Matcha Tea manufacturing, and a local Shrine. Besides, the participants could enjoy local food specialities like Shizuoka Oden, in different Local stores: A traditional Bakery, a Candy store,and a Fish Restaurant.

Of course, Pictures, Autograph and even Tea served by the Chocolate Prince himself, were also included!

More Pics at Yusuke San's Facebook

(Pics Source: Instagram user kiyonotuzuki & fellow Fan Riki San's Twitter. Info provided by fellow Fans who attended the Event. Thanks for sharing!)

January 13

Yusuke San announced via Twitter the Name of his Son: " Jô "

Nice to meed you little Prince! 😍

January 15

Takuro San released a new Dance Video!

WATCH whole Video, in his IGTV


The Live Version of 'MACHINE CIVILISATION' from the Show in Bangkok last September, is also Available in his IGTV!

And, in case you're in Tokyo:

NEXT SUNDAY, January 19th

🌟"People of the Walk Vol. 0"🌟

An event Organised by Mangaka Shinsuke Takahashi (Aki San's Brother) and the City of Kawasaki. Feel like going on a walk and experience diverse cultural activities for the whole family, like a Manga-Artist work up close and personal, Manga drawing for children, Silk printing and more! 😁 All along with great Food & Drinks!

And in the evening: DJ’s & Dance Performance by Tomizo San! 🤩🥳

Check out the Details & Program (Japanese)

Please support and FOLLOW the Members in Social Media !

Summarized by: Ani



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