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Weekly Report Nov 21-27

November 21

Takuro San spent some days performing at the Motor Show in Nagoya. (Source: Instagram )

And it started getting cold in Tokyo... (Source Aki San's Facebook )

November 22

Tokyo got even colder... 🥶 as Yusuke San posted in his Instagram

November 24

Tomizo San was meeting some interesting Gentlemen... including Shinsuke Takahashi (Aki San's Brother) Could this be related to the Event Shinsuke San is organising ? 🤔🤔 We stay tuned! (Source: Instagram )

November 25

Doru San was winner at a Dance Battle Event in Nagano.

(Source: Fellow Japanese Fans on Twitter, Thank you! 🙇‍♂️🌻 )

November 26

Ucchy San showed us more aspects of his Country-Side Life via Twitter.

November 27

The Members continue rehearsing for the Upcoming Anniversary Shows...

Sometimes playfully... 😁

Only 3 weeks to go !


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