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Weekly Report Nov 28- Dec 3


WORLD ORDER Releases their New Music Video 'EXODUS'

November 28

The Members continue playfully rehearsing for the Anniversary Show.

And when Takuro San was not rehearsing, he was dancing freely... 😍 (Source: Instagram )

December 2

Ucchy San shows further aspects of his close-to-nature- life, among others, getting closer to his goal of self-sufficiency with his first hunting experience...

Or learning new Textile Dyeing techniques. (Source: Twitter)

December 3

Ucchy San was also interviewed by the Wine Specialised Magazine 'Cave', regarding organic Wines. (TIPP: Open with Google Chrome for whole Site translation)

Photo Credit: Cave Magazine.

December 4

And the Members continue rehearsing for the Upcoming Anniversary Shows...

ONLY 15 days to Go !


Thank you who all who participated in our FANBOOK this year,

the submission period is now closed, but...

If you MISSED THE DEADLINE but still would like to send something,

Send us an E-mail to: until December 9th,

and we'll see what we can do.

(Last, last chance!)

And please be sure to FOLLOW the Members in Social Media!

Summarized by: Ani



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