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Weekly Report Nov 7-13

November 9

Doru San presents his New "Smooth Image" in his Instagram 😍

And Aki San was feeling like inside a Painting... or a Movie 😁 in his Facebook

And on this day too...

WORLD ORDER was spotted in Yokohama, shooting what seems to be a New Music Video! 🤩

(Photo Credit: Instagram User @vincentvds )

November 12

Ucchy San shows in Twitter., everyday-use products like Sake and Soba Noodles,

produced by local Farmers.

November 13

Takuro San was LIVE in Instagram

Among other topics, he said:

"...Genki Sudo is such a great person. The new members including me, joined WO in substitution of him, therefore, we have to work REALLY hard in order not to disappoint the long time fans..."


"... I'd love to announce any future project as soon as possible because I'm such a type.

I prefer to know about future events soon, rather than be surprised.

If you know about an event a month earlier, you can spend the whole month in a happy feeling.

But it's not up to me, to decide these matters. Although personally, I think we should announce anything as soon as decided...

... The only thing I can tell now is: you can expect a really great show in December! "

Whatever else might be "in the Pipeline"... We stay tuned !!

(Info Source: Conversation with Japanese Fans)



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Summarized by: Ani

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