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Weekly Report April 20- May 1

The Members have been very active in the past weeks, so we will be reporting again about their activities. Here the Updates! 😄

Yusuke San was Video Chatting with Ucchy San and later with Tomizo San.

The first part of the Talk with Ucchy San has English Subtitles!

We will announce when / if Subtitles are added to the other Videos.

In the Meantime, be sure to Subscribe to Yusuke San's Channel!

Takuro San has also been active in his new YouTube Channel, and has Published already 5 Videos.

Don't forget to Subscribe! 🤩


Takuro San was also giving some ONLINE DANCE LESSONS Via Instagram!

Participating is VERY EASY: Booking through Private Message and Payment via Credit card.

And following the Lesson was also no problem and great fun, even for us Non-Japanese Speakers!

Keep an Eye on our Social Networks, and Next time, don't miss it!

Shizu San was posting some Dance Videos in his Instagram account.

Follow, and Enjoy !

And Remember ...

Almost all Members & former Members keep making unannounced LIVE Broadcast in Instagram.

Be Sure to Follow their Accounts!

And please continue supporting all Members in Social Media !

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