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Weekly Report Feb 28 - March 6


WORLD ORDER Officially announces a "Change in their Operation Style", starting in March.

"With the warm support of the fans, WORLD ORDER celebrated its 10th anniversary in December last year.

The Core-Members, who have been dedicated only to the Group activities since its formation, have now expanded to various fields, making it difficult to uniformly hold their schedule.

Therefore, in the future, we will change our operation style: We will not fix the members of the Group, and will assemble the most suitable members every time for each Event.

Future activities are currently being eagerly planned, but for the time being we will limit the activities, associated with the outbreak of the new type of pneumonia, and will report again when the situation is over.

Thank you for your support to WORLD ORDER in the future."

We don't know exactly what this means for the future, but one thing is sure:

As long as WORLD ORDER exists, we'll continue supporting & promoting.

We support you all the way!

Doru San won the "JACK OF ALL TRADES JAPAN" Dance Championship! 🏆

(An Event that includes diverse Dance-Styles).

He will be part of the National Team and participate in the finals in Canada. 💪


Tomizo San has become proud owner of the Legendary Riti Bar, in Shinjuku, (a MUST if you visit Tokyo!) where he had been helping out since some time.



Did you know that Yusuke San's Chocolate Brand, "D'renty Chocolate", has its own YouTube Channel? Subscribe and get a glimpse of their sophisticated Chocolate Special Events!

And Remember !

Both Takuro San & Shizu San are still giving DANCE LESSONS ! 🕺🏼💃🏼

If you're travelling to Japan and would like to TRY, take a look at our Event section for Details.

Questions? Feel free to contact us through our Contact Box.

And Ucchy San, Yusuke San and Former Member Masato Ochiai

keep Updating their Blogs regularly! Be sure to read & Support! 👍

FOLLOW all Members in Social Media !

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