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Weekly Report Oct 18-25

October 18

The Members continue rehearsing for the

Anniversary Show 'PRISM'.

(Instagram Story by Yusuke San. FOLLOW )

October 19

Flower-Power for the Members!

We're helping our fellow Japanese Fans in their Project to send Flowers to the Members at the Venue, during the Anniversary Show. JOIN US! Deadline is October 31st.

Check the Details, HERE.

October 20

Aki San writes today about diverse Topics, including historical facts, healing encounters and how Captn. Jack Sparrow wants to "Parlais" 😂

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October 21

Doru San got him a new Haircut and asked on Instagram: 'Do you like Men with or without Beard?' 😉 What do you think?

October 22

Ucchy San talks a bit in Twitter about the country side and tries new Manual Skills.

And Genki Sudo was attending the Emperor's Enthronement Ceremony, this day in Tokyo!

(Pic Tweeted by Himself FOLLOW )

October 23

Yusuke San asks for suggestions for his Halloween Costume. Any Ideas? 🤔

Comment on his Instagram Post!

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