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Without walls

With continuous sunny days, the day after it finally rained for the first time in a while, it was a pleasant morning, with plants full of life and clear songs from birds. The planters in my home were quiet so far this year, but now the sleeping seeds are sprouting all at once.

Here is Niida Honke’s Koji Chocolate (chocolate-like sweets made with rice malt).

It was made with condensed sweet sake. Interesting!

Niida Honke’s mark (logo) is cool. The content table is simple with good sense, isn’t it?

Here is soy meat. It is made of soybeans with a minced meat style.

To me, when it comes the time to eat meat, I basically take it seriously to eat it.

Same to fish, I take it seriously too.

Among vegan and vegetarian people, there are different ways of thinking. Some people have empathy while some don’t. Same to people who eat meat and fish, there are people who have empathy or have not empathy. Eating or not eating animal food is like a big boundary line, and there are things that can’t be seen when you persist with any one side.

When you take something seriously, you may be tied to a stoic image. However, I am only doing what I am convinced and feeling comfortable, but not to create a wall with people who have different ways of thinking and eating.

This is the book for this week.

It was written by Mr. Bunsho Hattori (TN: a mountain climber and writer)’s wife, Ms. Koyuki (TN: an illustrator), about Mr. Bunsho from her point of views, and it is interesting.



Hayato Uchiyama


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