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New Single


December 22, 2020

A Single with some of WORLD ORDER latest Songs was released on December 2nd.

It is available on Apple Music and Spotify.


Takuro San 


Departure from WO

September 8, 2020

Member Takurou Kakefuda, has announced his departure

from WORLD ORDER on his Instagram page. 

He is one of the 3 new Members who joined the group last year. 

We wish him all the best for his future!


Aki San 


Departure from WO

September 1, 2020

Long time Member Akihiro Takahashi, a.k.a. Aki, has announced his departure from WORLD ORDER on his Facebook page (which he will continue to Update).

We wish him all the best for his future!

WORLD ORDER announces Change in Operation Style

March 3 2020

"...The Core-Members, who had been dedicated only to the Group activities since its formation, have now expanded to various fields, making it difficult to uniformly hold their schedule. Therefore, in the future, we'll change our operation style:  We won't fix the members of the Group, and will assemble the most suitable members every time for each Event.

Future activities are being eagerly planned, but for the time being, we will limit the activities, associated with the outbreak of the new type of pneumonia, and will report again when the situation is over.

Thank you for your support to WORLD ORDER in the future."

Official Statement (Japanese) 

New Music Video


December 5, 2019

A New Music Video with the Title 'EXODUS' has been released today.

It was shot in locations in Yokohama & Zushi, in the Kanagawa Prefecture. 

It is the first Music Video featuring the 3 New Members!



Genki Sudô elected in Japanese Parliament.

August 1st. 2019

Genki Sudo was elected as representative of the Japanese House of Councillors. With big attention of the Media, he entered the Parliament's building on his first day of work. As logical consequence, he has officially retired as WORLD ORDER Producer.  (Source: Japanese Online Media

Genki Sudô to enter Politics

June 4th 2019

As announced on divers SNS, Genki Sudo is entering Politics and will candidate to be a member of Japan’s House of Councillors (Upper House). Read more

New Members revealed!

April 3rd 2019

WORLD ORDER has presented their 3 New Members !    

Kosuke Shizunaga  -   Keisuke Kimura  -  Takuro Kakefuda

"WORLD ORDER marks its 10th anniversary this year. In this period, 3 new members are welcomed. SUDO GENKI, who had temporarily came back as a member, will return to be PRODUCER ONLY. The activities in the new formation will start on May 1st. " (WO Official Website)

New Members to join WORLD ORDER

February 12th 2019

It's Official ! Genki San has announced that three New Members will be joining WORLD ORDER and will be presented during the recently announced Show in Nagoya, NEXT MAY. We look forward to !

Takashi Jonishi leaves WORLD ORDER

May 28th 2018

Joony San announced today on Twitter, his departure from WORLD ORDER. He has created the Pull-Up Dance Group AIRFOOTWORKS 

Genki Sudô back to WORLD ORDER !

January 1st. 2018

YES! It's official: Genki San has announced his Comeback to WORLD ORDER during the last Weekly Journal

Masato Ochia leaves WORLD ORDER

August 7th 2017

"Mr. Masato Ochiai has decided to leave the Unit, due to bad physical condition. We are deeply grateful to all the fans who have supported Mr. Ochiai so far. We continue to ask for your support for WORLD ORDER" (Source: Official Website)  

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