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10 Years in 10 Days: 2014

As we Count down to the 10th Anniversary Shows, we'll Review WORLD ORDER's Career!


WORLD ODER makes a Nationwide Tour during January and February.

(Source: 'On the Road around Japan' Documentary. Details, see below under "Releases")

They continue very actively making Commercials, among others, for VISA and Toyota, which commercial was shot in Thailand.

and the commercial Series for the Japanese Travel Agents association (JATA).

They also appear in YouTube Rewind and the YT Fan fest in Tokyo.


Music Videos: ‘THIS IS LIFE’, the iconic ‘HAVE A NICE DAY’ and ‘INFORMAL EMPIRE

Album: ‘Have a Nice Day’ (Limited Edition 2 DVD + CD features the Tour Documentary 'On the Road around Japan'. (Available HERE ! )

NB: On December 17th., the same day the Album is released, our Fan Site goes ONLINE!

Summarized by: Ani



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