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Smokey-fingered memories

My first time buying music, when I was in elementary school, it’s something I won’t forget.

I desperately saved my pocket money and asked to be taken to the CD shop. The song was “Theme song of Mamo and Mimo’s ambition”

Domo is Masato (¯ ▽ ¯)

The other day when I walked back home from rehearsal, I passed by an old candy shop and almost missed it, but the smell of the candy made stop in front of it. Despite it was crowded, the cheap candy and the flying rubber airplanes displayed made me get inside. I was fed up because I just had some rice, the excited Ma-kun was here and bought 2 pieces of the very nostalgic “Ghost-smoke Pills”


“Modern boys! This is terrible! Will make smoke come out of your fingers!” Said the Grandpa at the Shop. He gave me a tight closed bag for 110Y and even got change. “ But you open it just when you get home, OK? You promise?” Yes I promise.

But I broke my promise. I could not resist and I opened the bag as soon as I got out of the crowded shop. I put my finger to the magic Pill : “Come out!” But nothing happened. But that was the small Pill. So I took the big one, put my finger to it and said again: “Come out!”

So maybe because I’m already too old, but smoke never came out. (T^T) In any case, all good boys should keep their promises properly (¯ ▽ ¯)

Well, it was cheers for good work this week! Or gentle wind blew your way? Nice weekend ☆


Masato Ochiai

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