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Our new Video !

The Trial version (THE HISTORY OF VOICE) with a six formation of WORLD ORDER has been just released. Did you already take a look? I would look another 10 times! (¯ ▽ ¯)

After the first release the audience left many comments on Twitter and Youtube and I’m glad.


Short break at the Studio, after the Tour.

The Figures are this time crowded into a Circle. That’s a different approach compared to our work until now. Look again and again \ (^ o ^) / don’t hesitate, we look forward to your impressions and comments.


Tomizo and I went to One Piece at Tokyo Tower

Here is one scene.

It was amazing fun, if you are interested, try by all means to go \ (^ o ^) /


Masato Ochiai

Translated by Ani, with: Google / Bing / Babylon Online translators.

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