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Good Morning

The new week begins with a smile (° ▽ ° ●)

I was excited by the opening of the Hokuriku Shinkansen. That was on weekend.

Kanazawa is full of wonderful places. The number of visitors seems to be increasing. Even the ones going by foot are increasing well, also Spring Graduation Trips. Even the local stations along the Route are full now, which Is good.

I would like to Travel, Japan is full of nice places, nice places I haven’t seen yet. Soon it will be spring, and I would like to take a different step, make things I always wanted and was never able to. Things like go swimming, Sky-diving, put out a Kamehameha, buy some candy… mmhhh…

Now, I will leave to your Journey. This week, long Diary…



Rainy Monday, it rained and cooled down. Morning after cleaning I watched Koji Kato; he had a Nose-bleeding and came out with his nose stuffed up with tissues…

I passed by American Docks, a convenient store. I wanted to eat something. I ate something I hadn’t eat in a long time. (Corn-Dog?) It was very Tasty. Street rain. Beginning of the week. Let’s live it.



Today we have nationwide a tempestuous Sky. In the north it is still snowing. Seems serious.

Apparently the Kansai region was even snowed in. But here we had a sunny forecast for this morning. The sunlight was coming into the Bathroom, but when I had to leave, the sky turned dark and it cooled down. Chaaaaange! I got the wisps of clouds in blue skies and sunshine. It looked like rain until I departed. But I returned home along with a blue sky and sun. When I came home I was typing a bit and the orange light of the sunset came into the room… Chaaaaange… a little while after coming home, while typing heavy clouds appeared, dark clouds… somehow the sky is noisy, but also empty…



It’s a sunny, but cold Wednesday. Although nothing compared with the cold in the north. Here we’re lucky, the sky is pleasant blue and the sun shows its face properly. I ride with the Bike. Oooh! Discovered a black cat. Hi there! It looks cute, has cool black pupils and looks very clean. I call him Watts without permission.



I wake up early in the Morning. I finished watching Maiko and start watching FRANK. I’ve seen it already once in the airplane when we traveled to the UK, but it had no subtitles, so I thought I’d watch it again some other time. It was interesting and fun.

Today the final editing of our New Work.

It was already posted in another Diaries. Have you seen it yet? Please watch many times and make many discoveries!

Today the weather is good and the air is delicious.



The morning sunlight comes into the room… pleasant morning. I wear my New Balance sneakers again after a long time. Let’s go.

Aaaah! (° ◇ ° ●) LOL, it’s Watts! Where did you came from? You were not here a little before! Today your eyes are beautiful. Thank you for letting me hear your gentle voice, see you!

On the way home I pass by the convenience store.

I discovered a new flavor of Riko potatoes, and some Chips with the Taste of Tom Yum Goong. Thailand is popular, makes me think of visiting Thailand, swimming, eating green Curry. LOL



Congratulations on the opening of the Hokuriku Shinkansen!. Kanazawa is a very nice place. Some time ago I had the opportunity to see a lot of Wonderful places I Kanazawa through the work of WORLD ORDER with JATA. I hope I can visit it again one day.

Today I walk, the clouds are thick but sometimes the white sunlight appeared.

After a long time I have again Hamu Katsu Toast… it’s still delicious. For the evening, as usual, Miso soup. The sky is still cloudy, I feel almost sorry I can’t go back to the white light of the day, so I warm my heart into the weekend with the Miso soup.



Still cloudy skies, wispy sun. I rented 3 DVDs today. I’ll introduce them when I watch them.

The beginning of a new week, I hope you will all be able to spend it with warm feelings and gentle daily hours.

And I wish this week blows a fluffy, warm, gentle wind in your direction.

To a wonderful next week, take a deep breath, smile and live.

See you

Akihiro Takahashi

(Click on the underlined words to know their meaning!)

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