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Film & Shiatsu

This is my Uchiyama and Maa kun (Masato) mystery pose from Tomizo’s diary. It’s a projection of Shiatsu using the whole Body weight to push the back. Normally it is used just as an emergency Normally this is used as an emergency and I usually turn down, but Maa kum asked desperately so I agreed. I sit straight and put the weight on a knee. My knee is sharp and seems to be ideal for Shiatsu. Like this, in a flat position.


By the way. It completely got more like spring and I watched a movie.


"The 'Cut and Mending'People" had a nice flow and message, I can use many things good.


On the comments, another film was introduced (“Getting Drop Soy Sauce of 1000 years”) and I was able to watch it immediately. Was a meaningful time with very good content. The Film was beautiful.



And last, “Little Forest winter/spring” It is a work of Art. Vegetables and rice are the crystalline blessing of Nature.

These days I feel particularly connected with this thought.

Hayato Uchiyama

(Click on the underlined words to know their meaning)

Translated by Ani with:

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