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Pimp your immune system

The training this week is off due to illness.

m(_ _)m.

I went to the doctor and he assured me it was nothing serious, (^^) just Sinusitis. When I get out of shape the training is difficult and painful so please, all of you take good care of your health condition.

So, because I can’t write about training this time, it’s a good opportunity to show you how to keep your physical condition and not to fall out of shape after training.

In fact, after training, the immune system is temporarily low and you feel tired. At this time, an aminoacid called Glutamic Acid shows its effect by fixing the condition. This glutamic acid is ingested after hard training and in this way you will hardly ever loose condition.

But it seems it has been associated to Ajinomoto, giving it a bad image. Back then, Ajinomoto was chemically synthetic glutamic acid. Chemically speaking, in nature there are D-glutamic acid and also L-glutamic acid, and it is this D-glutamic acid which is not good for the body. When Ajinomoto was dissolved in water, the sodium was released from the Sodium glutamate, and by regular use it came to a salt excess. But for your peace of mind, Ajinomoto is made out of sugar cane now, so don’t worry. And with no doubt, Glutamic Acid is a very important nutrient for the body.

Rich in Glutamic Acid are fermented Foods, Seaweed, Cheese, Sardines (and other dried fish). So eat many of these foods if you want to stay healthy.


PS: The Genki Japan Uniforms are very cool and I got an Ace Number “10”.

I’ll work hard... I don’t know (LOL)

Takashi Jonishi

Translated by Ani, with:


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