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A day at the amusement Park

Some time ago I was the at the Wedding of a childhood friend. I danced at the Reception, along with his sister’s Daughter. Here a Picture of the rehearsal.

We had not met since then, so now I was invited to the amusement Park, as Thank you for the cooperation in the reception Dance, and because it will soon be Spring break.

The Sky is cloudy, but there’s just so much to do! ‘Hey, Hey, I’ll catch up”

This! Or this! Suddenly... or this!

Actually, I’m not so good at the scream machine, but now I’m here, I can’t say I won’t ride.

“Oh, nice ride”

Oh, that’s next one! Or the roller coaster...

I got a bit damaged on the first row on the Roller coaster. But as I got off it was OK. “Allright! A little Go kart as next? I don’t know, I don’t think it would be much fun.

Standing in Line for the Go-Kart is a little boring (LOL)

Finished Go-kart. “What’s next? Do you see something interesting?

That’s no good! The next is here!

My heavy feet move forward with Gigi.

The rotating Roller-Coaster. I feel the thrill and I'm exhausted when I go home. Honestly a 10-year old girl is so powerful!

Mom and Dad will be really impressed.

On the way back “This is for you"

It’s a Thank you letter and the Tiredness is blown away. We ride back on different train directions.

Got a Message on LINE too “It was fun!” and of course, an E-mail: “The amusement park was fun, next time to the Aquarium?”

Yusuke Morisawa

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