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I told you...

Recently, I have been carrying around a water bottle. It is useful to keep Coffee of Tea, bur also for plain hot water, for the days after you drink alcohol. And the other day I was chatting with some friends.

A: “Hey, What’s in Yusuke’s Canteen? Come, tell us!

Me: “Hot water”

B: “Sounds different, it is Coffee or Herbal Tea”

Me: “ it’s actually hot water”

A: “It’s never just hot water!”

B: “Well, well see if it’s hot water (LOL) …Oh! Oh! Oh! It’s hot!

Me: “I told you it is hot water”

A & B: “Yeah, and eventually boiling!”

Did you ever have this kind of experience? It is hard to say “I told you”.


Yusuke Morisawa

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