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From a Typhoon to a Festival

Good morning. It’s a hot and sunny Sunday, the beginning of a new week.

This past week we had a Typhoon and this weekend, a Festival, with Flutes, Drums and Voices of Children romping around... the Voice of summer.

Saturday, when outside playing with the children a Mosquito bit me. It itches. It’s been an itchy weekend. But the friendly time spent relieved me from the time in working seclusion.

“From a Typhoon to a Festival”



Today, before the Typhoon the clouds in the sky are somehow clean and brilliant... beautiful. The evening I watched Baymax (Big Hero 6). He is cute and was fun to the Kids. Now, to the new week. Let’s live it.



Rehearsal today. In the evening a Typhoon was coming. In the morning the sky was blue behind the clouds, but it progressed quickly. Within 6 hours the sky turned white, and the clouds were gray on the way back home. Met a Cat, and got my work laminated, looks gradually good. I was thrilled.

In the night it rained and the wind blew stronger.



The Typhoon past very quickly, the sky is blue, the sun blazes down and makes dark shadows. But I have to work. Make one step... another step... The weather is so nice, I hang out here until the last minute, as usual !

(° B °-)- LOL



Rehearsal today. Sun is blazing down even more as yesterday, hot weather. Found a clover under a Bench, somehow cute. A good day in May.



Today also, maybe I finish the work after needing 2 steps to start. At Dusk take a break and a walk. Met some cats, also a tigered one with a cute voice. Had stir fried vegetables for dinner.



Rehearsal today, it is raining when I left in the morning. Tomorrow is the Festival and the street has been blocked for it. Once home, Miu-chan and other kinds of the neighbourhood were playing. I mix along with them before work. She got some Ika Furai, and was inviting everybody to bite in, so I bit! Was somehow feeling like a Jiiji (Grandpa), but it was a taste of festive mood. We were playing together until 6:00



Today, the air is hot already in the morning... From my work seclusion in the morning I hear the sounds of the festivities: the drums, the flutes and the voices of the people carrying the Mikoshi. The sounds of summer. I step in my parents house, Miu-chan and Ryo-chan are watching Baymax and eating sweets. Watching the Path of the Mikoshi in the Festival and seeing the children, delighted my week.

From tomorrow, a new fighting one. ('∇ `●)'

The beginning of a new week. I wish you all steady days, with warm, calm and gentle feelings, and friendly winds blowing softly through your mind. You’ll be fine.

Into the new week I’ll step. Let’s live it!

Have a nice day

Akihiro Takahashi


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