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From a Typhoon to a Festival

Good morning. It’s a hot and sunny Sunday, the beginning of a new week.

This past week we had a Typhoon and this weekend, a Festival, with Flutes, Drums and Voices of Children romping around... the Voice of summer.

Saturday, when outside playing with the children a Mosquito bit me. It itches. It’s been an itchy weekend. But the friendly time spent relieved me from the time in working seclusion.

“From a Typhoon to a Festival”



Today, before the Typhoon the clouds in the sky are somehow clean and brilliant... beautiful. The evening I watched Baymax (Big Hero 6). He is cute and was fun to the Kids. Now, to the new week. Let’s live it.



Rehearsal today. In the evening a Typhoon was coming. In the morning the sky was blue behind the clouds, but it progressed quickly. Within 6 hours the sky turned white, and the clouds were gray on the way back home. Met a Cat, and got my work laminated, looks gradually good. I was thrilled.

In the night it rained and the wind blew stronger.



The Typhoon past very quickly, the sky is blue, the sun blazes down and makes dark shadows. But I have to work. Make one step... another step... The weather is so nice, I hang out here until the last minute, as usual !

(° B °-)- LOL



Rehearsal today. Sun is blazing down even more as yesterday, hot weather. Found a clover under a Bench, somehow cute. A good day in May.



Today also, maybe I finish the work after needing 2 steps to start. At Dusk take a break and a walk. Met some cats, also a tigered one with a cute voice. Had stir fried vegetables for dinner.



Rehearsal today, it is raining when I left in the morning. Tomorrow is the Festival and the street has been blocked for it. Once home, Miu-chan and other kinds of the neighbourhood were playing. I mix along with them before work. She got some Ika Furai, and was inviting everybody to bite in, so I bit! Was somehow feeling like a Jiiji (Grandpa), but it was a taste of festive mood. We were playing together until 6:00



Today, the air is hot already in the morning... From my work seclusion in the morning I hear the sounds of the festivities: the drums, the flutes and the voices of the people carrying the Mikoshi. The sounds of summer. I step in my parents house, Miu-chan and Ryo-chan are watching Baymax and eating sweets. Watching the Path of the Mikoshi in the Festival and seeing the children,