• Aki

The New World

A week of work. Good morning everyone. New week, New month, the beginning of June. And today, the start of the ART Exhibition. Each member of WORLD ORDER showing a different expression. Worked carefully. And I... will be presenting the Illustrations “BOW PEACE THE NEW WORLD”

“A New world, was born this day”

It was a short period of time... the characters and the paintings might be to fine... sigh. But if you keep going, you will see it, if you look carefully.

※ (There is a mistake in a Chinese Character… try to find it! hee-hee-hee-hee) ※

※ (And the ancient Hieroglyphs... try to decode them!) ※

It is displayed in the original laminate (Crescent Island, Machine Island), so please, take it in your hands, look carefully and enjoy it. ('∇ `●)

And for those who can’t come.. (I just thought of this… )

“Jiiji’s Mini Solo-Exhibition” ('∇` ●)


Beautiful sunset. On the evening

I had 2 Mini Pizzas and Fried spicy Ramen on bean sprouts. Sweat dinner hee-hee.

Mini Solo-Exhibition Nr. 1 (Found the Yeti?)


Rehearsal today. It was a hot day, but the sunset is again amazing. Had a recording of Detective Knight Scoop. I was impressed.

Mini Solo-Exhibition Nr. 2 (Found the Big Hood!?)