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ART Exhibition accomplished!

Today, the WORLD ORDER ART Exhibition came successfully to an end. We would like to thank to all who came.

I would like to take this opportunity to express my gratitude to all, for coming from far away, or finding time to come between your activities, or even coming several times, I’m truly grateful!

The Postcards were also purchased by many people, Thank you very much. It surpassed my initial expectations and I’m very sorry that they sold out.

Regarding the Photo Book, I apologize for the inconvenience that the production and format might have caused, as you had let me know. But I’m also pleased that my Photo Book Work got to be seen by so many.

Phot-essayist Masato Ochiai. (¯ ▽ ¯)

This time it will be a little bit longer, but I hope you allow me to write about the Theme of the works exhibited.

The Theme of my work was “Points of View”. All things are the view of each person’s perspective.

How to get, receive and feel is also a thing from each person. It is complex but also very simple. And mostly one has to overcome various things to reach the “simple”, things that sometimes are not easy to notice or to say.

The Back Theme was “Front and Back”. The 11 Images in the Table were mixed, with two sides of the same coin: Strength and Weakness, Fast and Slow.

To get things to work, you have to try your best and enjoy things. During the 4 Months towards the ART Exhibition, the preparations were not limited to the days off. I took time mornings or nights, to visit locations I didn’t know. Some times it was the same location, because it worked for the Picture and worked good for the Exhibition. It was a stimulating and enjoyable time. And today that it is done, I’m gazed.

~I have the honor to introduce you to my Booth.

Tomizo helped me over.

Starting from this viewpoint.

Step into disperse Perspectives.

After a little more, you will get here.

And finally down to this viewpoint.

Mr. Aki worked very hard.

Ucchyi is happy.

All in all, did you enjoyed it, those who came? Sorry to those who unfortunately could not come this time. But I also pray to have such a chance, so we will work hard from now. I am looking forward to hear from you. Thank you.

And then, Mr. Sohei who is a professional photographer helped me with the annoying things, sometimes until the middle of the night, and give me plenty of advice, I’m truly grateful. Thank you very much!

And Last but not least, this is a valuable opportunity to thank the Bumpodo Gallery Staff for lending us the gallery and encouraging everyone. We thank everyone involved for their efforts, Thank you very much!

Masato Ochiai.

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