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Entry by Aki

Good Morning (° b°-) Yesterday Son Goku was defeated. The rainy season starts, every day the air is damp and the sky is pure white... not really the right weather for a walk on the sunshine. Was a warm, steady week Good, I think.

“Jiiji’s steamy hot week”


Smokey clouds, cloudy day.

The Peyangu sale re-started today everywhere.

A little hot and steamy. Yellow flowers and a young chocolate coloured cat. The beginning of a new week.


Rehearsal today. An umbrella in the bag, folding it only 10 min. after the rehearsal.

On my way back home, a Cat relaxing in the middle of the road, Sorry.

And at the Rehearsal of the Play, the practice field was steamy damp hot..

Moss on the stairway. Steamy hot.


Today there is good weather, sunny and a beautiful summer sky. Hot, but the shade is cool; Pleasant and cheerful.

A refreshing snack with chicken, cucumber, pickled plums and Salt Konbu. Super-super-super delicious. (¯ ∇ ¯-) Steamy hot, let’s try something new.


Rehersal today at the rehearsal hall. First run-through (fun...) with all performers and staff. From the beginning humid... sweaty. However, it’s an incredible play and everybody was amazing; I’m very happy to be involved.

It was a long day. At home I got a letter and a present.

Steamy hot. Thank you. I will use it carefully. ( '∇' -)"