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Entry by Joony

Today’s Training is: „High Power Pose“

What’s that?

Well, first of all, please do the poses as on the Pictures.

Raise up! !

Banzai! !

The bossy! !

These, called “High Poser Poses” are scientifically proven to improve the mental condition. They were proven to reduce cortisol or stress hormone, and to increase testosterone, which improves the confidence. Try it yourself! Already 2 Minutes would bring a positive effect. Perfect to be tried on the spare time. (^^).

On the other side, introverted or low power poses can have the opposite effect.

In the stoop, pigeon-toed.

cover face ?? /

I don't know, could this be also a high-power pose?

Anyway, natural feelings become brighter when you do it with a smile. I’m feeling it even when changing poses (^^) strangely convincing!

Training is fun and healthy (^^). I think this training can be done at home too (^_^), but I say this every time (^^;;


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